»The GR has been a legend since 1996 …?«

The term ›legend‹ usually requires a certain historical dimension. Often, after a short time, a story is designed to impress. We will let you decide for yourself: The RICOH GR has been available since 1996. First there were several analogue models – until 2005. In October 2005, the first digital version came on the market. What they have in common and makes them special is easy to detect: All models are extremely small and discreet, have a lens with fixed focal length (28 mm equivalent) and make no compromises in image quality.

All pictures shown here have been made with the RICOH GR III and have been taken since March 2019.

// Photographer
// Berlin (D)

> leipnerphotography.com

New York

»I love my Ricoh GR. It‘s the perfect camera for my street photography in my ›second home town‹ New York.«

// Photographer
// Winterthur (CH)

> www.ftgrf.ch

Just looking around …

»… a wonderful camera – a wonderful world …«

// Photographer
// Aschaffenburg (D)

> rene-reiter.de

Experimental photography

»… I tried double-exposure with the new GR – I was really surprised how it works in such a small camera …«

// Photographer
// Budapest (H)

> doronritter.com

A first walk in Budapest

»… I was so amazed and also fell in love with this camera …«

// Streetphotographer
// Düsseldorf (D)

> davidshokouhbeen.com

Just a first walk …

»I’m thrilled – going from GR_II to GR_III is a genuine step forward.«

// Photographer/Journalist
// Berlin (D)

> mchurek.de

24h Copenhagen

»The GR III is predestined for a photographic stroll, without luggage and the constant fear of missing the right moment.«

// Photographer
// Pelzerhaken (D)

> nicole-oestreich.com/

Test-Walk in Hamburg

»A completely different kind of photography – more intuition and feeling … and the quality of the images is perfect: a kind of new lightness that creates completely new ideas.«

// Photographer, filmmaker
// Hamburg (D)

> www.lintaro.de


»The GR is the only camera that does not stand in my way. See, hold, catch.«

// Streetphotographer
// Stuttgart (D)

> www.teekay-fotografie.de

On the way

»Whether on urban paths in the city or on long walks in mother nature. I do not need more camera, but I do not want less camera either.«

Are you a GR III photographer? … then you can apply to be part of this portfolio with some pictures. All you have to do is send us 8 powerful photos, a portrait of yourself as well as your homepage and your statement on why working with the GR III to: kontakt@eu.ricoh-imaging.com

// Streetphotographer
// Mainz (D)

> querformat-fotografie.de

Keep Clear

»With the Ricoh GR III, I finally found a camera that I can always take with me without having to sacrifice good image quality.«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

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Carnival-Walk 2019 / Cologne

»The GR III is naturally very suitable for the big city hunt, because you can remain undiscovered in the action and bustle of the cities as a street photographer and at the same time have a very close approach to your models and situations.«

// Photographer
// Emmerich (D)

> strassengeier.de/

Streets of Berlin

»Black and white is my Rock’n’Roll.«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

> www.streetpeek.de

Spain / Cologne

»Streetphotography is the art of showing what one no longer sees in everyday life.«

// Photographer
// Hamburg (D)

> www.wolfgangbaus.de

Factory / Neustadt/Dosse

»Since I’ve been taking photographs I allways have a Pocket camera with me. Agfa-Pocket 5008, Minox 35, Pentax Espio mini – all next cameras are only sub optimal. The RICOH GR III is again a pocket camera I can carry everywhere I go …«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

> capturedonstreet.com

Cathedral of Cologne

»Just observing, not being paid attention to – that is GR photography.«