»The GR has been a legend since 1996 …?«

The term ›legend‹ usually requires a certain historical dimension. Often, after a short time, a story is designed to impress. We will let you decide for yourself: The RICOH GR has been available since 1996. First there were several analogue models – until 2005. In October 2005, the first digital version came on the market. What they have in common and makes them special is easy to detect: All models are extremely small and discreet, have a lens with fixed focal length (28 mm equivalent) and make no compromises in image quality.

GR-Festival 2019 in Hamburg …

Mehr als 100 Street-Fotografen, tolle Gespräche, spannende Vorträge … und das alles in entspannter Atmosphäre. Ein Rückblick … →

// Streetphotographer
// Stuttgart (D)

> www.teekay-fotografie.de

Story | Night out

»Friday evening. With best friend on the way. Beer, wine, whiskey. Good talks. Verquatscht. S-Bahn missed. Two hours walk home. Ricoh GR III.«

// Photographer
// Blankenheim/Eifel (D)

> www.michaelgiefer.de

›Hiking in Mongolia‹

»When hiking you have only small, light, high quality equipment with you: Therefore, the Ricoh GR III is already ideal, because extremely light and small, very high quality in workmanship and image quality.«

// janKB
// Photographer
// Groß Wittensee (D)

> www.jankb.de

›zu Hause‹

»Originally I only wanted to do my sketches with the GR and later work with a medium format camera … but this was not necessary.«

// Photographer
// Hamburg (D)

> www.onno-photography.com

›Classic Days / bei Düsseldorf‹

»Reportage photography for glossy magazines is also possible with minimal equipment – because some stories stumble randomly and with the GR you miss no chance.«

// Photographer
// Hamburg (D)

> Buch: ›Hasta Siempre‹

Kuba ›Hasta Siempre‹

»A perfect camera to get close to the people, to get close to life …« (Ralf Niemzig / photography lecturer HTK/Hamburg who works with his students in Havanna/Kuba)

If you want to see tho complete book ›Hasta Siempre‹ click
> ›Hasta Siempre‹

// Photographer
// Berlin (D)

> leipnerphotography.com

New York

»I love my Ricoh GR. It‘s the perfect camera for my street photography in my ›second home town‹ New York.«

// Photographer
// Winterthur (CH)

> www.ftgrf.ch

Just looking around …

»… a wonderful camera – a wonderful world …«

// Photographer
// Aschaffenburg (D)

> rene-reiter.de

Experimental photography

»… I tried double-exposure with the new GR – I was really surprised how it works in such a small camera …«

// Photographer
// Budapest (H)

> doronritter.com

A first walk in Budapest

»… I was so amazed and also fell in love with this camera …«

// Streetphotographer
// Düsseldorf (D)

> davidshokouhbeen.com

Just a first walk …

»I’m thrilled – going from GR_II to GR_III is a genuine step forward.«

// Photographer/Journalist
// Berlin (D)

> mchurek.de

24h Copenhagen

»The GR III is predestined for a photographic stroll, without luggage and the constant fear of missing the right moment.«

// Photographer
// Pelzerhaken (D)

> nicole-oestreich.com/

Test-Walk in Hamburg

»A completely different kind of photography – more intuition and feeling … and the quality of the images is perfect: a kind of new lightness that creates completely new ideas.«

// Photographer, filmmaker
// Hamburg (D)

> www.lintaro.de


»The GR is the only camera that does not stand in my way. See, hold, catch.«

// Streetphotographer
// Stuttgart (D)

> www.teekay-fotografie.de

On the way

»Whether on urban paths in the city or on long walks in mother nature. I do not need more camera, but I do not want less camera either.«

Are you a GR III photographer? … then you can apply to be part of this portfolio with some pictures. All you have to do is send us 8 powerful photos, a portrait of yourself as well as your homepage and your statement on why working with the GR III to: kontakt@eu.ricoh-imaging.com

// Streetphotographer
// Mainz (D)

> querformat-fotografie.de

Keep Clear

»With the Ricoh GR III, I finally found a camera that I can always take with me without having to sacrifice good image quality.«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

> instagram

Carnival-Walk 2019 / Cologne

»The GR III is naturally very suitable for the big city hunt, because you can remain undiscovered in the action and bustle of the cities as a street photographer and at the same time have a very close approach to your models and situations.«

// Photographer
// Emmerich (D)

> strassengeier.de/

Streets of Berlin

»Black and white is my Rock’n’Roll.«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

> www.streetpeek.de

Spain / Cologne

»Streetphotography is the art of showing what one no longer sees in everyday life.«

// Photographer
// Hamburg (D)

> www.wolfgangbaus.de

Factory / Neustadt/Dosse

»Since I’ve been taking photographs I allways have a Pocket camera with me. Agfa-Pocket 5008, Minox 35, Pentax Espio mini – all next cameras are only sub optimal. The RICOH GR III is again a pocket camera I can carry everywhere I go …«

// Streetphotographer
// Cologne (D)

> capturedonstreet.com

Cathedral of Cologne

»Just observing, not being paid attention to – that is GR photography.«